Sales and purchase invoices

You can create sales and purchase invoices and add information about customers, suppliers, and products, and you can print and email the invoice.

Credit Notes

You can create credit notes for both customers and suppliers, and you can also print and email them.


Ability to create payments directly, track payments status, and make reconciliation easily.


Accounts receivable

Automated creation of journals when creating invoices from the Sales unit or manually from the Accounting unit. Also, you can track the payment status, and the receivables aging, furthermore, you can send reminders to customers about the amounts due.

Accounts Payable

Automated creation of journal entries when you create invoices from the Purchasing Unit or manually from the Accounting Unit. Also, you can track the payment status and register payments.


Performing reconciliation easily by importing bank statements and making immediate reconciliation.


The system supports multiple currencies and updating the exchange rates and create more than one journal entry. Plus, the management of more than one company and joining them into a single master accounts directory.

Analytic Accounts

Track financial transactions more accurately through Analytical Accounts, which are structured according to the types of products, expenses or operation, making it easier to track and manage the budgets simultaneously.

Financial performance

Monitor financial performance through predefined criteria, and instantly generate income, budget, and cash flow statements.

Integration with Foodics

The Integration

Muaznah provides integration with Foodics, which enables importing the sales, purchases, and inventory of your Foodics branches.

Custom configurations

You can modify the sync options with Foodics. So, you can select all or some of the options, options include sales, purchases, and inventory.

Syncing with Foodics

Daily sync with Foodics that automatically syncs the last four days. You can perform manual sync whenever you want.