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The Initial Setup

Your guidance for setting up your organization system, from inserting your company general information and setting up accounting, to adding products and users, and choosing a document template.

The System Environment

Explanations about using the system in general, how to log in? How to change my preferred language? And how to use the organization and communication tools within the system. And see the most important interactive interfaces.

Master Data

Learn how to add your data, Customers/ Vendors/ Products to the system, and how to manage your existing data.


Know how to create, print, send and analyze invoices for both customers and vendors. Register payments, and create credit notes for refunds or other purposes


Learn how to manage the accounting unit in the system, from creating the chart of account to issuing financial reports.


Learn how to use the sales unit, from creating quotes, sending quotes to customers, converting quotes into sales and creating invoices, and so on.

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